Web3 goes
to Hollywood

NFT Studios is pioneering the ways in which films are developed. Our mission is to bring creators closer to the audience than ever before utilizing the bleeding edge technologies of Web3.

Decentralized filmmaking

NFT Studios' KinoDAO is the first production company to exist as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), guided by a dynamic team of critically acclaimed producers and blockchain experts, backed by an expansive network of distributors, marketers and agents.

NFT Studios already has several movies in various stages of development and hopes that together we can grow this portfolio in the years to come.

Community-driven development

The DAO structure of NFT Studios will allow community engagement like never before, with members participating in governance votes in order to shape and create the movies they want to see, as well as receive perks for holding NFTs.

For the industry

NFT Studios will finance its own portfolio of content alongside its community, while securing its marketing and world-wide distribution through its experience and strong connections in working with leading Hollywood agencies, studios, and streamers.

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A Wing and a Prayer

In the spirit of breaking ground in uncharted territory, our first feature “A Wing and a Prayer” is a dramatic retelling of Brian Milton’s circumnavigation of the Earth in a microlight aircraft. The film skilfully blends the genres of dark comedy, drama and action, and will serve as the perfect launchpad for further film based expeditions into the metaverse.

Future projects

NFT Studios will announce its complete slate of fully developed film-projects at the upcoming Berlinale in February as well as the Cannes Film Festival in May 2022.

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